• You can order our fresh cutting directly from our garden. We only make the cuts after receiving an order so they're truly fresh. They are then properly cleaned before packed into boxes.
    • The 30cm~40cm cutting consists of 3 nodes per cutting
    • We also have the 100cm cutting as the second option
    Important Note : Due to logistical matters, the maximum quantity limit per purchase is 50 units. Hence, we recommend making a second purchase if you'd like to buy more than 50 units.
  • Dried Beans

    Our Vanilla beans are grown, harvested and processed straight from My Kebun Vanilla, the only Vanilla orchard in the heart of Borneo! These beans have a myriad of uses, including baking, cooking, desserts and so much more. The demand for Vanilla beans is very high; unfortunately they are very hard to produce so they are quite expensive in the marketplace. By eliminating the middleman and selling it straight from our own orchard, we are able to sell at a lower price than our competitors. Moisture contain 25% to 30%. For reference purposes: 100g of 15cm to 17.5cm vanilla pods contain 38-42 pods,  12.5cm to 14.9cm contain 50-65 pods, and 10cm to 12.4cm contain 68-73 pods.

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  • Vanilla Planifolia Seedling

    Please email to buy this product. These seedlings are grown and fully cared for in My Kebun Vanilla. We have taken steps to ensure that they are not damaged by pests or plant diseases which may undermine the vanilla beans' quality. 3 options are available: <40 cm (RM13), 40cm~70cm (RM15), and >70cm (RM18). * Currently, we only ship these seedlings within Sabah, Malaysia. Please contact us if you would like to ship outside Sabah, Malaysia. Note : Stocks are available - Please email to buy this product.